BukkitGames – Hunger Games Minigame Review

9 Overall Score
Features: 8/10
User Friendly: 9/10
Fun Factor: 10/10

Easy setup | Auto Running (no ops/staff required) | Custom maps and kits | Custom Border size | A lot of fun!

No spawn setting (custom maps will require you to use McEdit to alter spawn location) | Possible lag issues if not setup correctly (use NoLagg) | Would be nice to have flag the breaking of certain blocks (feature may be added in the future)

This review was written when BukkitGames was in version: 1.0.0 please comment below if the plugin has been updated and requires alterations to the review. Please leave general feedback/comments as well!

BukkitGames is a simple yet effective and fun plugin which is fully automatic and doesn’t require too many other plugins to support it.  It has an easy to setup config file and includes features such as World Border, Kits and the ability to make and use custom maps instead of your default world!  I currently use this plugin for my Hunger Games server and its a lot of fun for little effort!   BukkitGames requires very few other plugins for it to run on your server however there are some other recommended plugins to ensure the best possible Hunger Games experience!  See List of Required and Recommended plugins below.


  1. Remote Control such as Multi-craft or Remote Toolkit.
  2. Vault
  3. Permissions Plugin (supports many including Bpermissions, Group Manager and PEX)

Recommended & Optional:

  1. Orebfuscator (Stops X-Ray)
  2. NoCheat / NoCheat Plus (Stop Hacks / Client Mods)
  3. Terrain Control (Controls World Generation)
  4. NoLagg (Decreases lag on your server)
  5. Buy Craft (Great for allowing user’s to buy VIP kits)
  6. SpamGuard (Good big server’s)

Key Features In More Detail:

  • Worlds/Maps: In the config you can choose World Regen: True or False. This means if your using the normal “world ” for your games you can decide if it regenerates blocks after each game, if you want to use your own custom map then you must upload it directly into your BukkitGames Folder and name it “world”.  World Regen must be false for custom maps.   This is a simple and great way for you to really customize your server and make your BukkitGames unique!
  • World Border: This is another great feature and simple to setup in the config but if your using a custom map you must make sure your worlds spawn point is where you wish your players to begin when the match starts (custom maps may require using McEdit to alter your spawn point) .
  • Kits: Kits are a great feature to this plugin and make the game every bit more exciting, you can customize kits as you like and also have options of adding potions and abilities.  Abilities are a built in feature for the kits where by adding Ability: 1  to a kit would mean that player can fire arrows that explode on impact, other abilities include Fire Strength, Headshot, woodchuck, Cookie Lover and many more! The winner of a match can pick any kit including VIP kits for the next game which is another great way to keep people playing on your server! (see below for an example of a kit i use for VIP)
  • Example Kit: This kit below Is called Pyro and would receive 1 Flint & Steal, 1 Leather Chest Plate, 5 Logs, 2 bread and ability 6 means they have Fire Strength, This making them receive energy from fire instead of dieing.  The kit feature is a fantastic way to create fun and excitement to every game!

– ‘259,1’
– ‘299,1’
– ‘17,5’
– ‘297,2’

My Conclusion:

I have been using this plugin for a few weeks now and I found it so easy to setup (although I did struggle with adding the Buy Craft plugin at first to no fault of BukkitGames) and actually had fun doing so, setting up the kits was making me think more about how the game play would be on my server and gave me the power to create the right feel for it too.  I’ve had no lag issues but I can assure you it does use CPU and Ram (that’s why NoLagg is recommended) – I would recommend 750mb Ram for every 16 slots you have (depending on other plugins you want) but for the core setup that should be good.  I love that I don’t have to run the games manually, meaning no staff required, meaning even I can join in on the matches! All in all I’d recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to try something totally new and a lot of fun!

View and Download BukkitGames on BukkitDev

Even thought that is all we have to say on the plugin, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else on the internet. Check out these useful links:

Want To Test It?

If you would like to have a go of the plugin visit our new Hunger Games Server @ hgclub3.mooshroom.net:25658 – thanks for reading my review on BukkitGames and I hope you enjoy this plugin as much as I am. Special thanks to Mooshroom.net for supporting this plugin!


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  1. RustlessPeach July 5, 2013 at 2:04 am - Reply

    I’m wondering why the download link isn’t working and I would be very happy if there is a 1.6.2 version of this plugin and If there is can someone email the .jar or in a zip.

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